EEL Workshops & Retreats

2019 Dates Announced below…

We (humans and horses) at Metaphorse specialize in self-help / trauma survival and team building / leadership skills. Our workshops are specifically designed to raise self-confidence, empower you and other group members and to reveal your personal style of leadership. Whether you need help managing co-workers or you’re home with a house full of children, the horses teach us how to manage our emotions, show us where our lives need more balance, and show us what authenticity really means. We as facilitators give you solid materials and tools to help in real life situations. That is what’s missing in most EEL programs. Ok, so you get this message about yourself from the great exercise you just did with this horse, but now what? Let us give you the tools. Eponaquest International, founded by Linda Kohanov, has trained hundreds of instructors through an intensive 6-8 month apprenticeship and we have some answers we’d like to share. With the help of the Emotional Message Chart, you’ll go home with new knowledge of emotions and how they work as messengers for us. Emotional Intelligence is a fad we all need to make a habit.

You will be introduced to living authentically, both you and you within a community. Learn how to truly work as a team supporting one another instead of using each other’s vulnerabilities against each other. Learn to set healthy boundaries, nothing teaches that better than a 1000 lb. horse. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a horse person all your life or if you have always wanted to have a horse or if horses terrify you, we all have something to learn from these miraculous beings. Come see for yourself.

2019 Dates

April 25th – 28th: Find Your Authentic Self – FULL

There is a lot of talk these days about “authenticity”, but what does this really mean? How do we know when we have accessed our “authentic self” and more importantly how do we live there? Equine Experiential Learning offers us the unique gift of partnering with ancient sentient beings who only know how to live in authenticity. Through carefully designed activities they will show us how we show up in the world and in the most gentle of ways guide us to not only experience our own true authentic nature, but it has been scientifically proven that experiential learning gifts us with our bodies ability to rewrite our stories by literally re wiring our nervous systems. This workshop will not only offer the gifts of experiencing and understanding our own authenticity versus conditioned patterning, but you will return home with tools and exercises to continue and strengthen your bond with your true authentic self.

Cost: $1500 ($1080 for locals)
Includes: Shared room, meals, horses and materials
Note: Transportation to and from Montrose airport included if needed. Locals rate includes horses, materials and lunch only.

June 21st – 23rd: Dust If You Must

Traditionally ancient and indigenous cultures have looked at the time of the full moon as an opportunity to see what is holding them back from full filling their soul’s journey. When we partner with horses for self healing and growth we are tapping into our ancestors ways of co creating harmony not only within our selves, but how we move through life. Do you have dreams and aspirations, but feel stuck and unable to move towards them? When you try to move forward are you frequently blocked or are you aware of your own self sabotaging or lack of confidence that prevents you from moving forward to live the life of your dreams? Wise and sentient beings, horses can offer us unique opportunities to see the truths behind our blocks and give us not only the courage, but the clarity and confidence to make healthy choices to fulfill our soul’s purpose.

Cost: $645
Includes: Horses, all materials, lunch, snacks and a Full Moon Ride
Note: Transportation to and from Montrose airport included if needed. Ask us about on-site lodging for this event.