Equine Facilitated Sand Play with Gretchen Morgan

Often, when people have a history of trauma, the coping skills that function to help them survive Some of the common defenses that hinder the process of healing in adults are intellectualization, rationalization, projection, and even dissociation. With children, trauma or stress may present as impulsivity, hyperactivity, poor social skills and poor school performance.

Sand Play therapy allows the person to tap into the psyche. Through the use of symbolic figures, a person is able to create in the sand tray stories which examine their wounds, the effects from those wounds, and the possibilities for resolution. The practitioner is then able to help a person to connect insights to feelings and begin the journey toward healing. Through Sand Play, the adult client is able to build the skills necessary to avoid the problematic patterns of the past. Children’s thoughts and feelings are given a voice through symbolic play, enabling them to resolve their issues in a language they understand.

The Metaphorse Herd is ready to meet you in this unique opportunity. This will be the only Sand Play training with horses available in the United States this year. Come join us!

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Please bring appropriate clothing, including boots. No sandals or clogs can be worn around horses. Hats, sunscreen, water bottles and your favorite snacks are encouraged.

There are on-site lodging options, contact us if you’re interested. You are welcome to book nights after the workshop to enjoy the rest of what Montrose has to offer, just let us know.