Metaphorse is a place for self-discovery and growth through the way of the horse

18903 Spring Canyon Rd., Montrose, CO

Whether you choose to learn about yourself with the use of our Equine Experiential Learning (EEL) program or you want to learn to ride / handle horses, purchase a horse or need your horse retrained, we are uniquely qualified to help you. We are knowledgeable, professional horsewomen with a combined 56 years of equine experience. We love children of every age and encourage kids six to ninety-six to come learn about what makes you tick or come learn to ride with us. Metaphorse horses are super safe and diverse. We have a horse to fit every personality and are more than happy to have you find the perfect match for your ultimate learning / riding experience.

It’s amazing at how quickly our lives can change when we become conscious of our own triggers. Horses act as metaphors, they mirror our issues back to us so well that we leave the round pen with a better understanding of ourselves. Sometimes this happens instantly and sometimes it takes a few days but the transformation that takes place after a session can be phenomenal.