Workshops & Retreats

At Metaphorse our experienced herd and facilitators specialize in providing support, clarity and lasting skill sets to assist your personal growth. We specialize in assisting those surviving trauma to move forward into balanced thriving lives, helping corporations and families learn healthy communication skills while honoring each others unique ways of communicating and leadership styles as well as setting healthy boundaries.

Our workshops are specifically designed to build self confidence, empowerment, strengthen intuition and to reveal your personal style of leadership. Whether you need help with clear communication; managing co-workers, juggling a home full of children while balancing a career, the horses will guide us to the best version of ourselves. Their sensitive and sentient natures teach us how to manage our emotions bringing balance into our lives while we learn how to live a truly authentic life. We as facilitators give you solid materials and tools to help in real life situations. This is a key element¬† missing in many EEL programs. You receive a message, have an “aha” moment about your patterning, energy blocks or communication style from the great exercise you did with your horse partner, but then what? How do you continue to grow from your experience? At Metaphorse your growth is our passion and we will share the tools with you to continue your journey to your true self. Working from the model of Eponaquest International, founded by Linda Kohanov, author of “The Tao of Equis” which has trained hundreds of instructors worldwide through an intensive 6-8 month apprenticeship we have the foundation to support your journey. We integrate the Emotional Message Chart based on empath and author Karla Mclaren’s groundbreaking work to help you learn the “message behind the emotion” to foster growth and understanding of your experiences. You will go home with new knowledge of emotions and how they work to support us, not hold us back. Emotional Intelligence is an essential pillar of us living a life beyond surviving into thriving.

We all have something to learn from the horses whether we are horse owners and long time equestrians, brand new beginners, simply curious about horses or even afraid of them!

The team at Metaphorse is dedicated to assist you to live your best life. Come experience for yourself!