Heart-Centered Horsemanship

March 15th – May 3rd

An 8-week course for kids aged 8-16 who want to go beyond riding and truly learn what makes a horse tick.

We’ll learn to partner with your horses with a heart-to-heart relationship, leaving dominance behind for a much richer experience. After the relationship has been formed, students will learn:

Learn to create relationship, horse behavior and responsible partnership.

Week 1: Horse Selection

  • Horse time
  • What is relationship?
  • Difference between dominance and liberty
  • Horse energy exercise (rings)
  • Hearthmath
  • Body scan
  • Journal

Week 2: Feed and Nutrition

  • Quality of feed matters
  • Young horse vs. old horse
  • Feed management, how much, when
  • Pasture turn out
  • Different horse, different needs
  • Poisonous plants

Week 3: Healthcare

  • Basic hoof parts and care
  • Parasite control
  • Signs of colic and lamanitis, etc,
  • Basic first aid
  • How to bandage
  • When to call the vet and what to know before you call

Week 4: Management

  • Determine the age of a horse
  • Horse knots
  • Where to, where not to tie a horse
  • Trailer safety
  • Stalls, bedding, manure removal
  • Dental care

Week 5: Tack & Equipment

  • Proper bridle and saddle fit
  • Different types and function
  • Care for saddles and leather
  • Why I go bitless

Week 6: Genetics

  • Difference between breeds and registries
  • Breeds and applications
  • Colors and markings

Week 7: Selection

  • Confirmation
  • Body parts
  • What to look for when buying a horse
  • Vet checks

Week 8: Relationship

  • How far has it grown?
  • Compare to day 1

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