Emerging from the Shadows: Systemic Constellations with Horses

May 20th – 22nd, 2022

Systems inherently have a way of preserving themselves by keeping things hidden. Yet, there is often a price that we pay when loyal to the system at large in order to belong. When the light of our soul’s truth calls us, it becomes necessary to emerge from the shadows of our life and lineage, so that we can negotiate a new equilibrium that honors our health and wellbeing, while also acknowledging and bowing to our ancestors.

Come join us in balancing shadow and light during a weekend of Systemic Constellations with the Metaphorse Herd in Montrose, Colorado.

Cost of Workshop: $895
(includes lunches, snacks and beverages)


TO REGISTER: Send an email to: thepracticeofbeing@gmail.com

RANCH LODGING (additional cost): Email: lonetroutranch@gmail.com

No prior horse experience is necessary

Facilitators: Susan Crimmins and the Metaphorse Herd